About Ashmun Group LLC

I’m super passionate about creating new experiences, building products and developing the high performing businesses that support them. I’ve developed over 30 categories of unique products with partners across the globe.


Global Product Development Evangelist

Stuart is the founder and managing member of Ashmun Group LLC, a product development consultancy. Stuart has led the product development efforts for over 30 categories of internationally award-winning products at Microsoft. In 2016, Stuart left to devote his work full-time to his consultancy. His most recent position at Microsoft was Device Design General Manager for the Microsoft Device Group, where he built and led the design teams that created Microsoft HoloLens, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Accessories, and other consumer and enterprise products.

Past Experience at Microsoft

Stuart has experience developing end-to-end customer journeys,  driven by careful planning and execution in business, experience, and technology (BXT). This includes a strategic approach that motivates insights research, experience prototyping, visual and industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and sales. In his most recent projects at Microsoft, Stuart led a team of Strategists, Designers, and Human Factors Specialists. The team collaborated with brand, marketing, engineering, operations, and directed device design for Xbox, Surface Hub, HoloLens, Microsoft Health, and other unreleased products.

Earlier in his career, Stuart served as General Manager for the Microsoft Hardware Group, which developed and marketed in PC peripherals, and the Windows Hardware Innovation Group, which collaborated with Dell, HP, Toshiba, Intel and Gateway to develop new usage models for PCs. In addition to creating the original Xbox hardware development team, Stuart set the stage for future product development by pioneering many of the current product development practices and leadership principles. Stuart moved on to work at Microsoft Surface (Table), where he led teams of hardware developers, software developers, and user experience designers to develop an end-to-end experience and interactive touch-based technology.


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